Körner FM 19.3 Yagi


After using a Körner 15.11 for a couple of years with great success I had the opportunity to have a 19.3 built for me. We decided to include a K6STI designed 5 element vertical fitted to the Körner's boom, as previously on the 15.11.

Peter Körner kindly remodelled his 19.3 plan for 1/2" elements and the flat bar driven element. 1/2" was used to reduce build cost and weight over 10mm diameter as we could get it in 5m lengths and a lighter gauge. A nylon support line was chosen rather than a double boom so it didn't interact with the vertical elements. In addtion to the halfwave coaxial balun two snap on ferrites were added to provide further common-mode attenuation. The total length of the antenna is 5.2m allowing for the gap and spaced reflectors.The vertical is fed via a coiled-coax balun

After last winter's constant storms and living at this very exposed location with winds straight in off the sea more robust guy wires were required for the mast. We sourced some 5mm steel wires for the top guys and, to stop the mast twisting lower down, 2 mm guys were fitted.

It's early days yet, but initial results have been far better than I imagined. Conditions have been poor since the aerial was erected but despite this scatter reception has been excellent. Now scatter from Switzerland and central Germany is a daily occurrence with both the Rigi and Santis TX's coming in at up to 789 km. On two occasions I have logged France Bleu Gascogne, Bayonne on 100.5 too.

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