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Band 2 frequencies for Egypt

(with links to TX site maps)



Egyptian Radio & Television Union:

Live Streams

ERTU El-Bernameg Al-Thekafy - Cairo

 ERTU Al-Bernameg Al-Orobi (Radio Cairo) - Cairo

 ERTU Al-Shabab Wal Riyadah - Cairo

Nugoom FM

ERTU Shabakat Al-Iza'at El-Eqlimyah - Cairo

Nile FM

ERTU Al-Aghani Radio - Cairo

ERTU Al-Akhbar wa Al-Moseekah Radio - Cairo

ERTU Al-Kahera Al-Kobra Radio - Cairo

 ERTU Al-Kebar Radio - Cairo

ERTU Al-Qur'aan Al-Kareem - Cairo

ERTU El-Bernameg Al-Aam Egypt - Cairo

ERTU El-Bernameg Al-Ebry - Cairo

ERTU El-Bernameg Al-Moseeky - Cairo

ERTU Iza'at Al-Sharq Al-Awsat (Middle East Radio) - Cairo

 ERTU Shamal Al-Saaeed Radio - Cairo

ERTU Sout Al-Arab (Voice of the Arabs) - Cairo

ERTU Sout Falasteen (Voice of Palestine) - Cairo

 Iza'at Wadi Al-Neil (Nile Valley Radio) - Cairo

Iza'at Wast Al-Deltah - Cairo

El Gouna Radio - Hurghada

 ERTU Iza'at Al-Iskandaryah (Alexandria Radio) - Alexandria

 ERTU  Iza'at Aswan - Aswan



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