The Libyan Jamahiriya Broadcasting Corporation (LJBC) no longer exists. Since the 2011 revolution, broadcasting in the country is still in a state of flux and stations/frequencies are subject to frequent changes.
Stations in Sirte and al-Qaddahiyah are thought to be under Daesh (ISIS) control at present (June, 2018)
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Updated 25 August 2018
ITU Transmitter Frequency Power (kW) Service PI PS                  
LBY Misratah area 87.50 UNID (Religious) - Inactive 0000 TEM_____ OPERA___ PLUS____ 5000W___
LBY Tripoli 87.70 Tripolitana FM D31E 3POLITNA
LBY Sirte 87.80 Radio Makmadas (believed under Daesh (ISIS) control)
LBY Al-Bayda 87.90 Sawt ul Libya al-Hurra
LBY Tarhouna 87.90 Tarhouna Local Radio
LBY Tripoli 87.90 al-Jawhara al-Eeman
LBY Sultan 88.10 Radio Sawa
LBY Surman 88.10 Radio al-Oula FM
LBY Msallata 88.30 Radio Msallata D201 MSALLATA
LBY Sultan 88.50 al-Libiyah FM 20FE LIBYA_FM
LBY Tripoli 88.50 al-Libiyah FM 20FE LIBYA_FM
LBY Tripoli 88.80 al-Shababiyah Radio 0013 SHBABYA_
LBY Misratah 88.90 Radio Ram FFFF __RAM___
LBY Jadu 89.10 Radio Jadu al-Hurra
LBY Tripoli 89.10 Libya A'Tebbiya
LBY al-Aziziyah 89.30 Voice of Africa (English/Arabic/French language)
LBY Sultan 89.30 Benghazi Local Radio
LBY Darnah 89.30 Radio Darnah al-Hurra
LBY ??? 89.40 Unid
LBY Tripoli 89.50 al-Kitab wa Assunna FFFF OPERA___
LBY Riqdalin 89.70 Riqdalin Local Radio D361
LBY Ajdabiya 89.90 Ajdabiya Local Radio
LBY Sultan 89.90 Libya al-Watania FFFF TEM_____ OPERA___ PLUS____ 5000W___
LBY Tripoli 90.00 Sama FM D311 SAMA_FM_
LBY Tripoli area 90.10 Radio al-Shorooq Kasr al-Khyar D20B KASRKIAR
LBY Misratah 90.30 Misratah Local Radio
LBY Tripoli 90.30 al-Libiyah FM
LBY Tripoli area 90.50 Radio ML FFFF RADIO_ML
LBY Tripoli 90.50 Qimam al-Andalus Qur'an Radio FFFF TEM_____ OPERA___ PLUS____ 20W___
LBY Sultan 90.50 BBN FM 5000 EuroTel Broadcast
LBY Misratah 90.50 Radio al-Furqan 5000
LBY Sultan 90.70 Unid FF0F TEST_123
LBY Tripoli 90.70 al-Sa'a FM
LBY Sultan 90.90 Al Menhaj Sunnah D090 Part dyn:PINZING_
LBY Zliten 91.00 Zliten Local Radio
LBY Misratah 91.10 VOA 1 3180 RATAMIAN
LBY Tripoli 91.10 Libo FM FFFF
LBY ??? 91.20 Unid
LBY ??? 91.30 Unid
LBY Sultan 91.50 BBCWS Arabic
LBY Misratah 91.50 BBCWS Arabic
LBY  Sirte area 91.50 Unid (Pro-Daesh(ISIS))
LBY Tripoli 91.50 BBCWS Arabic 300C BBC_ARBC
LBY Tripoli 91.70 al-Jawhara Sports
LBY Gharyan  91.90 Gharyan Local Radio
LBY Tripoli 92.10 al-Amal Radio
LBY Bani Walid 92.30 Bani Walid Local Radio
LBY al-Malaha al-Garbiya 92.30 Unid
LBY al-Marj 92.30 al-Marj Local Radio
LBY Tripoli 92.40 al-Libiyah FM
LBY ??? 92.60 Unid (distorted audio)
LBY ??? 92.70 Unid
LBY ??? 92.90 Unid
LBY Sultan 92.90 Radio Sanabil FM
LBY Sultan 93.10 al-Quran al-Kareem Radio
LBY Tripoli 93.10 al-Nabaa FM
LBY Qarabulli 93.20 al-Libiyah FM
LBY ??? 93.20 Unid 40B0 TEST____
LBY Tripoli 93.40 al-Libiyah FM
LBY al-Qaddahiyah 93.60 al-Libiyah FM (believed under Daesh (ISIS) control)
LBY Hay al-Andalus 93.80 Lebda FM D258 LEBDA_FM
LBY Tripoli 94.00 Unid
LBY Tripoli 94.10 Karawan FM
LBY Misratah 94.10 Radio al-Huda
LBY Sultan 94.30 Radio al-Bayan 
LBY Qarabulli 94.30 Radio al-Garaboli D117 GARABOLI
LBY Sirte 94.30 al-Watanya (believed under Daesh (ISIS) control) SIRTE_LIBYA
LBY Tripoli 94.30 Unid
LBY al-Zawiyah 94.50 Radio al-Bayan
LBY al-Aziziyah 94.70 Wershefana Local Radio
LBY ??? 94.80 Religious
LBY Tripoli 94.90 Unid
LBY Ghariyan  95.00 Radio Libya al-Hurra
LBY Misratah 95.00 Unid
LBY Tripoli 95.10 Radio Zain FM
LBY Tripoli 95.20 Unid
LBY Ghadames 95.30 Unid
LBY Tripoli 95.40 Unid
LBY Darnah 95.50 Radio al-Bayan
LBY Sultan 95.50 al-Manara FM
LBY Tripoli 95.50 al-Madina Radio
LBY Sultan 95.60 Unid
LBY Bani Walid 95.80 Unid
LBY Misratah (?) 95.90 Unid
LBY Sirte 96.00 Sirte Local Radio (believed under Daesh (ISIS) control)
LBY Tripoli area 96.30 al-Ardh al-Tayyeba
LBY Misratah 96.50 Wadah FM FFFF WADAH_FM
LBY Tripoli 96.60 al-Wataniya Radio FFFF
LBY Tripoli 96.90 LY Radio
LBY Tripoli 97.10 Radio Monte Carlo Doualiya
LBY Tripoli 97.50 Tobactes Radio
LBY Janzour 97.70 Radio Libya al-Hurra
LBY al-Khums 97.90 Radio Beladi FM FFFF
LBY Sirte 98.00 Radio Rabat al-Amami (believed under Daesh (ISIS) control)
LBY Tobruq 98.00 Sawt ul Libya al-Hurra
LBY Al-Bayda 98.10 Al-Bayda Local Radio
LBY Tripoli 98.10 Tribute FM - (English language)
LBY Zuwarah 98.10 Kasas FM
LBY Nalut 98.20 Radio Nalut al-Hurra
LBY Tripoli 98.30 al-Mee'ad FM
LBY Ghariyan  98.40 al-Shababiyah Radio
LBY ??? 98.50 Qur'an 5158 TEM_____ OPERA___ PLUS____ 5000W___
LBY Nr. Tripoli 98.70 Radio al-Wasat
LBY Sultan 98.70 Radio al-Wasat
LBY Misratah 98.70 Radio al-Wasat
LBY Al-Bayda 98.70 Radio al-Wasat
LBY Tobruq 98.70 Radio al-Wasat
LBY Tripoli 98.80 Ajyal FM
LBY Sultan 98.90 Benghazi Local Radio
LBY Tajoura 99.00 Tajoura FM
LBY ??? 99.10 al-Shoroq FM D305 ALSHOROQ
LBY Misratah 99.10 Radio Sawa
LBY al-Khums 99.10 Radio al-Khums D32D ALKHOMS_
LBY ??? 99.30 Qur'an FFFF TEM_____ OPERA___ PLUS____ 5000W___
LBY Tripoli 99.50 al-Shoroq FM D302 ALSHOROQ
LBY ??? 99.60 ?
LBY al-Zawiyah 99.70 al-Shoroq FM
LBY Misratah 99.90 Sawt ul Libya al-Hurra 5000
LBY Tripoli 99.90 al-Eeman Radio FFFF *ALEMAN*
LBY Sultan 100.10 Libyana Hits
LBY Tripoli 100.30 Tareeq al-Salaf Radio 5000 PSNAME00
LBY al-Zawiyah 100.50 al-Mahajja al-Baidha al-Mutred FFFF TEM_____ OPERA___ PLUS____ 5000W___
LBY Tripoli 100.70 Radio Zone
LBY al-Zawiyah 100.90 al-Mahajja al-Baidha al-Mutred
LBY ??? 101.00 ?
LBY Tripoli area 101.10 Waad FM D305 WAAD____
LBY Sultan 101.10 Radio Shabab al-Libiyah FM
LBY al-Zawiyah 101.30 al-Zawiyah Local Radio D200 ALZAWIA_
LBY ??? 101.40 Unid 9821 __CBR___
LBY Tripoli 101.70 Tripoli University Radio
LBY ??? 101.70 al-Zentan FM
LBY ??? 101.70 5000 ????ME??
LBY Janzour 101.90 Radio Gharb Tarablus
LBY Sabha(?) 102.10 BA77 _EURO2A_
LBY Tripoli 102.10 al-Tanasuh Radio
LBY Tripoli area 102.30 Religious
LBY Sultan 102.30 Radio ML FFFF RADIO_ML
LBY Tripoli 102.50 Tripoli FM - (English language)
LBY ??? 102.70 Qur'an
LBY Tripoli 102.90 al-Ryadia 1301 L.RYADIA
LBY Sultan 103.00 Ajdabiya Local Radio
LBY Tripoli 103.40 Sawt Tarabulus
LBY Zuwarah 103.70 Holy Qur'an Radio
LBY Tripoli 104.00 Sawt al-Madina D031 ALMADINA
LBY Tripoli 104.60 Marhaba Radio
LBY Sabratah 104.80 Sabratah FM
LBY Misratah 105.00 Unid
LBY Al-Bayda 105.10 al-Bayda Radio Qur'an
LBY al-Ujilat 105.10 al-Niqat al-Khams Local Radio D211
LBY Tripoli 105.10 Nabdh Al Asima 
LBY Tripoli 105.30 al-Aan FM
LBY Misratah 105.30 al-Aan FM
LBY Nalut 105.30 al-Aan FM
LBY Susah 105.30 al-Aan FM
LBY Sabha 105.30 al-Aan FM
LBY Labraq 105.30 al-Aan FM
LBY al-Marj 105.30 al-Aan FM
LBY Sultan 105.30 al-Aan FM
LBY Ghariyan  105.50 Qur'an
LBY Sultan 105.50 Monte Carlo Doualiya
LBY Tobruq 105.50 Radio Tubruq al-Hurra
LBY ??? 105.70 Qur'an 0000
LBY Nr. Tripoli 106.00 Unid 5000 ETLRADIO
LBY Tripoli area 106.10 al-Watan Radio FFFF ALWATAN_
LBY Yefren 106.30 Radio Awal (Yefren City Radio) D301 ____AWAL
LBY Tripoli 106.70 Radio Sawa
LBY Tripoli 107.00 al-Qur'an al-Kareem Radio
LBY Tripoli area 107.20 Radio Libya al-Hurra
LBY Antalat 107.30 Unid
LBY Tripoli 107.40 Radio Libya al-Hurra
LBY Sultan 107.70 Ajwa FM
LBY Tripoli 107.70 al-Jawhara FM
LBY al-Qlaa 107.90 al-Qlaa FM D209 _ALQLAA_