This map shows the TX sites received via daily/regular Troposcatter in Saltdean, East Sussex.



Receivers:  Kenwood KT-6050 (80/110 kHz Murata filters) * Sony XDR-F1HD (PC controlled via Seeeduino board & XDR-GTK software v.1.0) * Elad FDM-S2 SDR * Airspy R2 SDR
* Icom R7000 * HS D100 *
Antennae:  P.Körner designed 19.4 Yagi (with improved gain & F/B ratio) horizontal at 11m agl / 92m asl ( ) on a Tennamast 7.6m telescopic / tiltover mast
( ) * GP cut for ~30MHz * OIRT/STL's 5 ele Yagi * TGN ULNA 3018 Mk.IV Band 2 masthead preamp * CCW Multicoupler feeding all tuners/SDRs

Software:  SDR# v1664 * SDR Console v3 * Elad FDM-SW2 v3.005 * RDS Spy v1.02r6 * RDSS v0400 software 


Updated 13 April, 2018

Longest distance logged via daily/regular Troposcatter - Gamoniteiro, Spain @ 957Km


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