Band 2 World Record

Received at Saltdean, East Sussex UK N50.48 W0.01

Equipment: Kenwood KT-6040 (with filter mods)
                                            Sony ST-SB920 (with filter mods), Sony XDR-F1HD

                                                                                         Triax FM8 (horizontal) (modified), RDSS v4.0 software


    A new world distance record for FM reception via Sporadic-E of 4302 miles/6924Km was achieved by Mike

Fallon in Sussex, England on May 31, 2010 when the religious station La Voz de la Luz in Salvaléon de Higüey,

Dominican Republic was received and recorded on 88.7MHz from 12:48 UTC for approximately 20 minutes.

The recording was verified by the station to be their output.

Recording of La Voz de la Luz received 31 May, 2010 at 12:48 UTC





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