Band i
Africa on E2

Following my reception of Cameroon last summer and the imminent start of cycle 24 I've been collecting as much information about the current African E2 situation as I can find on the net. This has been sourced from emails, African news sources, a ham chat room and the DX cluster. The information presented here cannot be verified as accurate or indeed current but it does give an idea of what has been reported in the last couple of years.

My email from STV Cameroon states there are at least four TXs but I've been unable to confirm if they are all on E2. These are Douala, Yaoundé, Bafoussam and Bamenda.

Kathrein Antennas in their customer references show nine Band I antennas sold to Cameroon with eight going to STV and one to Siemens, two have been sold to Kenya with both going to Siemens.

The KBC website lists two B1 sites, Timboroa on E2 and Limuru on E4.

This was taken from a 6m ham chat room over two days during early March 07.
CT1FFU I have 3 carriers on my screen now! 48,249.650, 48,249.75, 48.250.06 from Spain
CT1FFU this one on 48.249.75, well i suppose it's from Kenya, by the time, position
CT1FFU Video starting 48,249,75 and 48,249,63 direction Africa
CT1FFU hmmm now another here strong , mix with only few HZ from EA : 48.250.109
CT1FFU I have four traces between 48.250,000 & ,100, normally only have EA TV 48.250.060
CT1FFU I'm receiving here S5 48.250.023 and it's sure from south not EA. EA is tropo .060
CT1FFU 48.250.012 a new one coming too
CT1FFU now S5 48,249.96

SV1DH-@   50001.0 9LVIDEO     since 14z S9 max; no sigs     1524 08 Mar 2007
Costas replied in a follow up email that this was measured roughly on 48249.8Khz

Ian Roberts reports on his webpage the following frequencies with possible targets
48.248.8     probably Freetown, Sierra Leone (9L)
48.249.82   Douala, Cameroon (possibly also Yaounde, Bafoussam and Bamenda on E2) STV
48.249.96   Kenya
48.250.05   also West Africa
48.250.3     Equatorial Guinea

So these are the possible targets still available on Africa, two signals just above 250.000 are completely UNID at the moment although could be the other transmitters mentioned in Cameroon. With current solar minimum we have another chance of some exotic Sporadic E this summer as well as improved TEP next autumn. If you are fortunate enough to hear TEP video signals into Africa please do let me know so I can add them to this list. A good example of TEP reception is this image taken by Paolo IT9IPQ and shows the RTVGE signal from Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.


Update 15th May 2007

This years Es season has started with some excellent propagation to Africa, these are presumably 2x Es although the duration of the openings have been upto four hours some afternoons. Numerous carriers have been seen, heard and reported in the 6m ham chat room. I will list these below, the entries with a * against them are those known to be accurate, the others cannot be verified to be the correct frequency as they have been logged by hams using uncalibrated equipment. If you'd like to add to this list or help in keeping it accurate, please visit my carrier page for an introduction on how to measure these carriers accurately.


12/5/07 1602z  48.249.44
14/5/07 1000z  48.249.650*  QTF 190° Long duration waterfall shot here.
14/5/07 1600z  48.249.750*
13/5/07 1503z  48.249.783*
13/5/07 1503z  48.249.854* Cameroon
12/5/07 1627z  48.249.970*  QTF 125° BandII was open to Greece. Possibly Kenya?
14/5/07 1600z  48.250.555* Equatorial Guinea, poorly modulated wide carrier.
15/5/07 1750z  48.252.494*  Seen shortly before Mauritania on 50Mhz.