Band i
Unidentified Logos and signals

Sunday 27/5/07

Widespread intense Es were seen on Band I from Spain and Portugal with Band II full of North African arabic stations from around 0730 then at 0815 I received an alert from DXrobot to warn of 144Mhz Es across Europe. Soon after a distorted carrier faded in on E5 while beaming south, this was later replaced with two zero offset carriers one of which increased to video strength just after 0900z.

In the UK Band III is allocated to business radio and I have a strong data signal on 177.75 (bus stop signalling), as can be seen in the last two shots this causes weak signals on E5 to look negative as they float under the carrier. Unfortunately the programming was a cartoon, no logo was seen nor was there any audio but if you recognise the cartoon please email as it will help to narrow the possibilities. These images were taken between 1012 and 1013z, the first few are an ad break. I had a brief glimpse of what may have been a logo, it looked like a triangle on its side pointing right with the letters T and R inside. Clicking on each of the images below will open a full size version in a new window.