Band i
E2 Waterfalls
There are a number of unidentified transmitters on E2 that occur each year during Es. Due to them always being weaker than other signals on the same channel or not strong enough to get over any interference their identity remains a mystery. I suspect they are either unlogged private Italian channels or North African where transmitter information is poor.

This signal with the multiple sidebands is an unknown site from Iran, it isn't as common as the 8M signal so I suspect is further east, the frequency is just below 48.251Mhz. Slightly lower is another UNID that appears during intense openings to Switzerland. Ionoscatter and MS can be seen from Greipstad, Norway close to 48.252.490.

This one shows the now silent Valenca Do Douro, Portugal on 48.250.190 with a break in transmission, a short period of drift is quite clear at switch on. Slightly lower is the signal from Navacerada, Spain.

Snapped a few years ago during some autumn TEP this is the signal from Equatorial Guinea just after switch on. Poor stability and poorly modulated make this one easy to spot. 6M amateur stations often report this one as 3C video.