Band i
IB Waterfalls
There are several private TV channels across Italy on Band 1, they consist mainly of shopping channels with many based around Napoli. The technical quality of some of them is poor as is the frequency stability. Although officially there are three channels for use in Band 1 in true Italian style they've squeezed in at least two more in the gaps.


Two transmitters this time but both on the same channel and offset. These two images were taken a month apart and the  poor stability of the lower frequency transmitter can be clearly seen. The transmitter on the right is not only unstable but the sidebands are very prominent for the relatively weak strength of the fundamental.


Another RAI logged summer 06, this one is so wide the carrier no longer resembles a single frequency and has a very harsh rasp to it. This one faded up during intense Es shortly before HRT1 Psunj was logged.