Band i
IA Waterfalls
There are several private TV channels across Italy on Band 1, they consist mainly of shopping channels with many based around Napoli. The technical quality of some of them is poor as is the frequency stability. Although officially there are three channels for use in Band 1 in true Italian style they've squeezed in at least two more in the gaps.

Until 2005 TeleA had two transmitters in BI, the 47Mhz transmitter was replaced in 2006 by TV Luna, in 2007 that was replaced by Tele Libera. This grab however is another transmitter used by TeleA as logged in 2004 on IA, the left hand and highly unstable signal is TeleA, the main clean tone right on channel is TLA, another private channel and a UNID signal is fractionally higher hiding next to a sideband although MS can be seen on it.

In 2007 Tele Libera was seen initially on 47Mhz and then on the very low frequency of 46.237Mhz. As can be seen from the waterfall the sidebands are very prominent giving the signal a noticeable buzz. It is thought that the transmitter frequency alters to 46.850Mhz when there is no video being transmitted.

This station has been around for some time but it takes a reasonably intense opening to see it in the UK. TLc transmits from Monte Vesuvius and is another example of a poorly modulated Italian private station.