Band i
Band 1 DX Log June 2010
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1006   E2   IRIB2   Educational prog, colour and audio.
1116   E3   ORTAS   logo TLC and audio
1156   IB   RAI Uno TG1 Economia  4m offset, new logging
1244   E4   ORF1    Soap in German language
1303   R3   UT1
1305   R1   m1
1322   R4   UT1     logo TRC
1326   48.50MHz     AFN Bavaria, The Eagle. TX link in Wide FM.
1339   R3   Mol1    Strong colour stable signal
1335   E2   IRIB2   Shiraz (8p TX)
1347   E2   ORTAS   logo TLC
1644   R3   5TV     St Petersburg. 5 logo TRC
1827   R2   Slo1    Slovakia 1, logo TRC.


1239   R2   ETV     Estonia TV, logo TRC.

1121   E2/3 RTP1   logos TLC
1210   R2   UT1      News
1211   R3   ONT      Cookery
1222   R1   RTR      News
1242   R2   BT1      News
1243   R1   BT1
1341   R2   RTL Klub
1613   E2   RTP1      additional P logo trc
1709   IA   RAI Uno  2 x TXs CCI
1720   R2   Inter
2111   R2   RTR
2112   E2   IRIB2
1542   E2   IRIB1    Shiraz on 8P offset
1554   R2   L1       V strong in colour, no audio again.
1557   R3   BT1      with audio
1610   E3   JRTV     News in English from Amman
1638   R3   1TV      tent. Novosokolniki 2p offset, new log.
1640   R2   ETV      Tallinn, logo trc
1716   R3   CTB      Stolicnoe TV, Braslav, Belarus. new log. 1kW erp.
0821   R1   1+1
0830   R1   Nova
0849   R1   m1
0900   E2   IRIB2   Strong colour and audio
0903   E3   JRTV    logo and arabic text on bottom
0909   E4   ORTAS   Syria, not // with E2/3
0920   E3   ORTAS   Syria 1
0922   E2   Dubai   Sports, football results table & logo
0950   E2   ORTAS   Syria 1
1000   E4   HRT1    News
1131   E3   e21
1253   R2   SLO1    Bratislava. Poirot
1301   R2   Nova    Ceske Budejovic.
1351   R1   Nova
1352   R2   1+1
1425   R1   1+1
1426   R2   L1      Vilnius.
1622   R1   1TV     St Petersburg. Classical concert.
2140   E4   RUV

1040   56.50MHz     PI:5488 PS:MEPRADIO
1041   52.60MHz     PI:5099 PS:R._RADAR
1042   65.34MHz                         Radio Mondo vocal ID
1045   63.40MHz     PI:533D             Studio 5

What a day for long haul Es into the Middle East! First Iran in nice strong colour, then a number of rare ones, Dubai Sports on E2 with a football results table and after that I saw the logo animated over a programme trail, this is 5440Km! Next was the Syrian on E4, another new one for me but I'm convinced it wasn't Syria 1. One part of the logo in the tlc was the same but there was another one in the trc that was different to the one I could see on Syria E3 and E2.

In addition to these Italy was in and out most of the day, there was a brief opening to the Caribbean around teatime but only syncs were seen, no locked video but could hear carriers upto A4.
0958   E4   unid    Colour bars
1054   E4   RUV     Parliamentary TV
1059   IA   RAI Uno
1133   R3   RTR
1201   R2   ETV
1417   E3   e21     Blank audio carrier
1443   E2-  A Blu   Strong colour reception
1549   IB   RAI Uno New TX ID on 0 offset
1600   E3   JRTV    News in English from Amman
1915   E3/4 RUV

Italian STLs
1431   66.50MHz     PI:5499 PS:GALILEO_
1433   62.40MHz     PI:5560 PS:IN..BLU_  / _T_N_A__
1434   60.32MHz     PI:5742             Radio Abruzzo Marche
1449   54.36MHz     PI:5E4E PS:SPAZIO__
1456   56.80MHz     PI:5158 PS:A_E_V___ (Radio Studio X)
1500   68.70MHz     PI:5846 PS:R.MONDO_
1503   67.50MHz     PI:5362 PS:_DELTA__
1508   63.75MHz     PI:53E1 PS:RETE_96_

1031   52.70MHz     PI:C091 PS:_SHMU_FM
RT: Welcome to SHMU FM serving north and central Aberdeenshire