Band i
Many TVDXers, check OIRT FM  used across eastern Europe as the MUF rises above R2. The band covers 65.8 - 74MHz in 30Khz steps and while the number of countries are diminishing there are still plenty of targets to listen for. Click on the country for more details. For a complete listing as an excel file please click here. Thanks to AGDX and for many of the original listings. The Hungarian NHH confirm that all OIRT is off air since 31/1/07. There are no reports of the either the remaining Estonian or Romanian transmitters in the last twelve months so it's suspected they have closed too. I've also had it confirmed by a Bulgarian DXer that the remaining transmitter in Shumen on 69.8MHz closed last year. There are also a number of pirate radio stations in The Netherlands using frequencies near the old E4 audio channel, this link shows those that have been reported or logged.