Band i
R1 Waterfalls
The OIRT channels have some of most interesting and poorly maintained transmitters that can be seen on waterfall displays. There are so many on R1 I have broken them into five pages, most are unidentified due to the low power device interference across the UK blocking visual ID's.

This one shows a number of unid transmitters from the east during a multi hop event, the top part of the trace is the same frequency the following morning with no sporadic E, the two traces are being received via MS and ionoscatter.  The two lines far left are local interference from my monitor.

Another multi hop event from summer 06, the same portion of band is being monitored although the radio was tuned 1Khz higher.

This is a typical trace for 49.739Mhz during Sporadic E, traces can be seen from a number of transmitters including the newly stable Budapest transmitter in Hungary.