Band i
R3 Waterfalls
R3 is probably one of the most interesting channels to view during Sporadic E, there is a good selection of countries available within single hop range and 77MHz is less effected by the band noise often found on the lower channels. The only problem will be if you try to use a traditional wideband yagi cut for E2 - E4. Dedicated B2 OIRT beams or wideband Log Periodics are a better solution for these channels.

This is the Homiel, Belarus transmitter, some prominent sidebands and a definite wobble!

Another classic Moldovan transmitter, this one is in Straseni.

Find the centre frequency on this one, at first I didn't realise it was a video carrier until TVR1 faded out of the noise, possibly from Resita-Semenic.

This is a UNID Russian transmitter showing the first channel, as can be seen it has a small but regular intermittent fault.